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Renting a car is an excellent transportation option when it comes to traveling, since it gives you the freedom to move at your own pace and in many cases save you a lot of money. Now if you have rental plans it is important to take into account the following:

    • If international permission is required . Every day more countries are asking for this. The international permit to drive is not a license, it is a document similar to the passport that is translated in 10 languages, so it will always be accompanied by the license.
        • This document can be used in 150 countries around the world, due to an agreement reached in 1949 in the Convention on International Road Traffic. However, there are two countries that are not part of this agreement, Brazil and Uruguay, for which an inter-American driving permit is required, which is similar to the international permit to drive, the only thing that only Latin American countries comprise, except for these. Two countries are also part of the international permit.
      • These documents, the international driving license and the inter-American driving permit, cost $ 20.00 each and are processed only at the offices of the American Automobile Association (AAA) located on Avenida Muñoz Rivera in Hato Rey.
      • The process to get this permit is simple, you only need the following: be 18 or older, fill out the form, take two 2×2 photos, take your license and pay $ 20.00. Once delivered, in approximately 15 minutes you will have your international driving license, which will have to be renewed annually.
  • Insurance . Regardless of the platform you have used to make the reservation, I suggest you call the company or write to certify mandatory insurance by law, so you do not take surprises. It also validates how much the «hold» is done to your credit card but you buy the insurance from them. For example, in Ireland they make a «hold» to your 5,000 euro card as a guarantee if you do not buy your insurance; Costa Rica about $ 2,000 dollars.
  • Check how it is handled in the country . Countries like England, Thailand, Jamaica, among others are managed on the opposite side. It’s not that it’s very complex, but maybe you do not feel as confident as you are on the same side you’re used to.
  • Follow the traffic laws . Many countries have cameras that can not be seen and measure speed and automatically issue a ticket to the tablet. Then you will see the charge on the credit card.
  • Fuel cost and parking . There are cities such as London, New York, among others, that the cost of parking or fuel is extremely high, making the car rental option more expensive than the use of public transport. Corroborate these details when deciding how you are going to move.