Culebra Island a tiny Puertorrican Jewel

Here you will visit Flamenco beach, recognized several times as one of the top 5 beaches in the world. Here is some valuable information about Culebra Island for your next visit:

How to get there?

  • Ferry – from the town of Fajardo.  The cost is $5 per person round trip.  The estimated travel time is one and a half hour and the ferry schedule is:
    • Fajardo – Culebra: Daily – 9:00am | 3:00pm | 7:00pm.  Cargo Ferry: 4:00am (monday thru Friday) | 9:30am (wednesday and friday) | 5:00pm (monday thru Friday)
    • Culebra – Fajardo: Daily – 6:30am | 1:00pm | 5:00pm.  Cargo Ferry: 7:00am (monday thru Friday) | 1:00am (wednesday and friday) | 6:00pm (monday thru Friday)
  • Airplane – Leaving from San Juan, cost $150 round trip or from Ceiba, cost $100 round trip.  Some of the airlines are y

On weekends and holidays the 9:00am ferry and the last ferry returning can be a real nightmare. I really suggest airplane or different schedule like 3:00pm Fajardo-Culebra and 1:00pm Culebra-Fajardo; this will work if you are staying more than one night in Culebra Island.

Where to stay in Culebra Island?
In Culebra you have a lot of options to stay from hotels to bed and breakfast or apartments.  The nightly cost is from $70 up to $200.  Some of these are:

Going around:
Culebra Island is a small island but not walkable, so you will need transportation that can be a golf cart, a jeep or other.  Some of the companies are:

What to do in Culebra Island?

The following suggestions are based on my experience:

  • Culebra Island Puerto RicoFlamenco Beach – it might be obvious but I need to write it.
  • Turtle Beach, Culebrita – you need a water taxi to get here and it might be a little expensive (from $40), but the beach is breathtaking, a lot of people consider it more beautiful than Flamenco.
  • Snorkeling in Tamarindo Beach – with some patience you will
    always see sea turtles.  You can do it by your own or with a tour company.
  • Beach hop – Go around the Island and visit all the beaches.
  • Watch the sunset from Punta Soldado – located at the end of the road on the same
    direction to Bahia Marina hotel; once you hit the end of the street, you will see a road with rocks in it.
    might me a little bit rough but you keep driving until the end and you will get to an amazing spot to watch the sunset.
  • Nightlife – most of the bars are located in the main town, the place that close latest is located below the hotel Kokomo right on the ferry dock.
  • There are a lot of others activities like kayaking, scuba diving and others; ask in your hotel for additional information.